A Must For Measurement Of GEMSTONES.
Speed up your diamond and weight estimating with the latest product from PRESIDIUM. The easy-to-read millimetre and carats scale eliminate eye fatigue to minimize human error. Even a small miscalculation can be costly when dealing in highly priced goods. The PRESIDIUM DIAL GAUGE measures from 0.0 to 23.0 mm in 0.1mm / divisions. One revolution equals 10 mm. 

Longer Lasting Accuracy: 
The hardened anvils resist wear and maintain accuracy for much longer periods. Only the PRESIDIUM DIAL GAUGE incorporates the latest state-of-the-art patented non-metallic lubrication free rack and pinion technology. Instrumental Error +0.05 mm. Zeroing a simple realignment is all thats required. 

Dual Measurements: 
The one and only GEMSTONE GAUGE that directly provides dual measurements in millimetre and combining clear and instant carats conversion. 

Fast To Use 3 Way of Measuring: 
There are no complicated adjustments simply hold the gauge in your hand, move slider with the thumb and measure stones or mountings using: anvils wedge shaped points - projecting probe high setting jewellery attachment. 

Convenient And Compact:
Ideal for calibrating melee & matching gemstones, delivered in handsome and matching protective box, including high setting jewellery attachment.